Public Safety GIS Simplified

Sally is a local GIS data maintainer and faces the daily challenge of continually achieving public safety grade GIS data for use in her 9-1-1 system.  Accurate GIS data that is available for use in public safety applications is important to Sally.  This video outlines the steps Sally goes through to ensure her agencies GIS data is always up to date and NENA compliant.

Are you interested in managing your public safety GIS data but don’t have all of the tools you need? If so, GeoComm’s data management solutions are the answer for you. By utilizing our software you retain control of your GIS data and empower your team to meet the requirements of NG9-1-1. Building GIS data that meets or exceeds 9-1-1 MSAG accuracy and provisioning into live NG9-1-1 systems no longer needs to be a challenging task.


Our 9-1-1 GIS data management applications include:

GIS Data Hub: Quickly validate your GIS and related data against industry standards with actionable reporting and packaged data for mapping applications.
DMS GIS Manager: Complete and comprehensive 9-1-1 GIS data management tools for Esri ArcGIS for Desktop
Mobile Data Manager: In-the-field mobile mapping and GPS data collection for 9-1-1 addressing
MSAG Manager: GIS to 9-1-1 MSAG extraction and synchronization
Discrepancy Viewer:  Work through feedback received from various sources and efficiently correct errors
Web DMS: Online browser-based 9-1-1 GIS data management and GIS editing
GIS Change Requests: Web map portal for non-GIS users to request new addresses, road segment changes, and corrections to a city, county, or regional 9-1-1 GIS dataset
GIS Professional Services:  Our GIS services provide the building blocks for transitioning for basic 9-1-1 and E9-1-1 and to an even more advanced NG9-1-1 system.

GeoComm 9-1-1 GIS data management software is used by small, medium, and large agencies across the United States today, as well as GeoComm’s GIS staff when providing managed services to our customers.  Use GeoComm 9-1-1 GIS data management applications a la carte to solve focused 9-1-1 data management problems, or combine multiple applications to create an end-to-end enterprise solution solving all of your 9-1-1 GIS needs.

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