Up-to-date GIS Data is Enhanced in Tazewell County with Implementation of GeoLynx Mapping Software

Tazewell County, Virginia recently implemented GeoLynx Desktop to improve their emergency response system. Tazewell County wanted a mapping system that would automatically and accurately map the location of 9-1-1 calls and CAD calls for service. The software they replaced was outdated and required manual lookup for each emergency call. Besides updated technology that automatically located 9- 1-1 calls, the county wanted a system that was powered by Esri ArcGIS which is their underlying GIS enterprise. To meet their needs, Tazewell County implemented:


  • GeoLynx Desktop for automatic 9-1-1 call plotting
  • GeoLynx Sync to enable smooth GIS and software updates to all GeoLynx Desktop workstations
  • GeoLynx Server for creating an accessible common operating picture
  • GeoLynx Server with the ENS add-on for automated outbound emergency notifications
  • GeoLynx DMS to maintain recently updated public safety GIS data set

Tazewell County selected GeoComm, a Platinum Tier Esri business partner, to implement GeoLynx Desktop in their communications center to automatically map 9-1-1 calls and CAD calls for service. Tazewell County was also able to seamlessly expand their system to include mass emergency notification using GeoLynx Server and features such as Pictometry integration, HazMAT plume modeling, and other Next Generation 9-1-1 technologies are available through both GeoLynx Desktop and GeoLynx Server.

Through the implementation of these software applications, Tazewell County’s dispatch mapping software now contains up-to-date maps and improved technology that allow for increased efficiencies that improve the day-to-day operations in their communications center. Between the GIS portion of this project and the new software applications, Tazewell County is more prepared to respond even faster to the scene of an emergency.