Stevens County, Minnesota


Located in Minnesota, Stevens County has a total population of 9,726 and processes an average of 3,200 9-1-1 calls each year. Stevens County and GeoComm began working together in 1999; focusing on addressing, GIS data development, MSAG development, technical assistance, and an assessment of various 9-1-1 system components. Since that time, Stevens County has also moved to the latest version of GeoComm’s GeoLynx following a conversion that was implemented by GeoComm’s highly experienced GIS and implementation staff. The project included installation of GeoLynx, GIS data conversion and software setup services, training, software support, and maintenance services. Specifically, regarding GIS Maintenance Services, GeoComm provides both wireless and wireline 9-1-1 data layer and MSAG maintenance services. The benefits received by the county’s public safety agencies as well as residents in regards to the maintenance services provided by GeoComm include:

  • Having data and databases that are updated as changes are made in the county
  • Having data that meets the GIS requirements of the 9-1-1 software systems used at the county
  • Having GIS data and MSAG that meets industry standards

“The GeoComm personnel have been exceptionally accommodating throughout the years that Stevens County has used GeoLynx mapping. I value the fact that I can modify, correct, or add layers to the map as needed, and the turnaround time is remarkable. We email the updates and within two to three days the changes have been completed and installed, which is important for an effective emergency response. In 2013, GeoComm provided a three-county map to aid Stevens County with our virtual 9-1-1 consolidation.”

– Judy Diehl, E9-1-1 PSAP Manager, Stevens County, Minnesota