State or Regional GIS Users

Typically when regions or states are looking at implementing a Next Generation 9-1-1(NG9-1-1) program, the GIS data for the region or state needs to meet a certain level of quality, be consistent across all local GIS data providers, and aggregated into a region or state GIS data model. We understand the process of implementing a regional or statewide NG9-1-1 system can be overwhelming and the tools available for managing the overall GIS data maintenance process are limited.  GeoComm GIS Data Hub, is an intuitive solution designed to provide you the ability to validate and aggregate multiple GIS datasets, providing GIS data insights through rigorous quality control and reporting process.

GIS Data Hub is the ideal solution for regional or statewide GIS users because it enables local GIS data maintainers with a way to submit their GIS data to you for centralized aggregation and Quality Control (QC) checks. Since the GIS data comes from multiple GIS data maintainers it is common for the original GIS datasets to have varying data schemas. GIS Data Hub transforms the data to a common schema, validates the data, aggregates it, and provides you with the aggregated GIS dataset in a format usable in your NG9-1-1 environment.  In addition, GIS Data Hub is a pathway to GIS data improvement by providing actionable reports on identified data issues the local GIS data maintainers can use to improve the quality of their GIS Data.

GIS Data Hub is the foundational piece of public safety GIS systems, helping you meet obligated GIS requirements for NG9-1-1 and achieve public safety grade GIS data. GIS Data Hub is available on-demand and with varying subscription accesses based on usage and the needs of your jurisdiction.

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