GeoComm SmartVenue and GeoComm SmartCity combine 3D indoor and outdoor maps with “Internet of Things” (IoT) sensors, incident management, and asset tracking systems to provide public safety and emergency management professionals with an unprecedented new view into the jurisdictions and venues they protect.

“GeoComm SmartVenue mapping platform, allows the user to quickly locate an incident, identify nearby cameras to assess the situation for rapid deployment and tracking of responders. Using one visual common operating picture across supporting agencies increases situational awareness, interagency cooperation and readiness reducing the negative effects of any incident.” Billy Langenstein, Director of Event Services, US Bank Stadium

“The situational awareness you gain from all the datasets and information in GeoComm SmartCity is really funneled to one operational platform visually, so you know what’s going on, you see what’s going on, and then you can make decisions without having to go into multiple databases or systems to access that information, or relying on posters to see that information.” Commander Scott Gerlicher, Minneapolis Police Department

“As the United States continues to face long-term existential threats from nefarious actors around the world, as well as unpredictable behavior from within our boarders. These threats continue to challenge our sovereignty and national patriotism with increased levels of passive and violent acts used during highly populated areas and televised events to bring attention to their cause or enact fear in the patrons. The negative impact continues to desensitize event goers to the live experience with damaging effects to the economics of the venue. Constraining budgets outline the need for increased informational tools to quickly identify, locate and limit the negative effects of terroristic acts that can quickly get out of control.” Lieutenant Colonel, Army, Retired, Guy Konietzko, Market Manager, Joint Operations, Command and Fusion Centers at GeoComm Inc.