GeoComm Hired by North Dakota to Complete Statewide Public Safety GIS Project

The State of North Dakota Department of Emergency Services and GeoComm are partnering to develop a statewide GIS data set including road centerline and address point layers. The statewide GIS data set will be part of a system that improves interoperability across the state’s Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and enable PSAPs to more easily act as backup centers for one another when needed.


This project will bring numerous benefits to North Dakota’s public safety organizations. The completed data set will be used in 9-1-1 systems throughout the state to support: accurately identifying emergency call locations, tracking mobile resources, displaying CAD incidents, providing navigation to responders, mapping crime statistics, and much more. With the emergence of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), the state will also benefit by having this statewide data set available for use in the future for call routing using geodetic and civic locations.

The project plan, agreed upon by the State and GeoComm, contributes to ensuring the final deliverables will meet public safety industry accuracy standards and will be completed cost effectively to meet the state’s available funding. The plan includes utilizing available resources, such as newly acquired aerial imagery from the State’s Department of Transportation, road centerlines built from this aerial imagery, and address point data, coupled with fieldwork methods to create a highly accurate statewide base map.

To ensure the ongoing integrity of data used in these systems, the State also intends to implement GeoComm’s GIS data management system into their overall GIS data maintenance workflow. GeoLynx Server Web DMS, powered by Esri ArcGIS for Server technology, will enable authorized users throughout the state to contribute validated changes to the statewide data set through this online or network-based solution. To ensure data consistency, the data edits will be centrally managed by the state GIS office using GeoComm’s Esri-based desktop GIS data management system, GeoLynx DMS. To read more about online editing and GIS data management tools from GeoComm go here: