NG9-1-1 Managed Services

In NG9-1-1 systems GIS map data replaces the traditional MSAG for location-based 9-1-1 call routing and location validation for Emergency Call Routing Functions (ECRF) and Location Validation Functions (LVF).  Managing 9-1-1 GIS map data that meets or exceeds 9-1-1 MSAG accuracy and provisioning this data into live NG9-1-1 ECRF/LVF systems safely and securely – with no interruptions to 9-1-1 service – can be a challenging and formidable task.

SIF white paperGeoComm’s NG9-1-1 GIS Managed Services is designed to help local, regional, and state 9-1-1 authorities meet their obligated GIS requirements for NG9-1-1.  In addition to the analysis, development, and maintenance services we offer, GeoComm can also provide services that will help ensure quality, current data is provisioned in a timely manner into your ECRF/LVF system.

The service provides easy-to-use web portals for local authorities to upload daily GIS changes into the system. GeoComm’s professional 9-1-1 GIS map data service bureau staff receives the updates, performs extensive quality control, and then coalesces GIS map data from participating local authorities into a seamless 9-1-1 GIS map data set suitable for provisioning into live NG9-1-1 ECRF/ LVF systems.

When GeoComm detects GIS map data problems, error reports are sent back to local authorities and GeoComm follows up to ensure errors and discrepancies are being corrected in a timely manner. After the regional 9-1-1 GIS map data set passes QA, regardless of the NG9-1-1 service provider or ECRF/LVF operator, GeoComm safely and securely manages provisioning GIS map data into the core NG9-1-1 system.

GeoComm processes are managed 24x7x365 and reduce the risk, complexity, uncertainty, and cost associated with provisioning GIS map data for regional and statewide NG9-1-1 systems.

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