Macoupin County, Illinois

Macoupin County Illinois which began working with GeoComm in 2001 is located in southwestern Illinois and receives an average of 25,000 9-1-1 calls a year. In 2003 when the county updated their 9-1-1 system, Macoupin County implemented GeoComm’s GeoLynx Desktop in order to have an end-to-end 9-1-1/GIS software solution that would meet their public safety and GIS needs. Since that time, GeoComm has continued to work with the county to proactively eliminate errors in map data as a crucial step in map data maintenance that enhances wireline 9-1-1 call plotting accuracy. As part of GIS map data maintenance and addressing services, GeoComm completes numerous tasks including:


  • Updating core map data layers such as roads and emergency service zones that are used in the wireline 9-1-1 call plotting process
  • Comparing the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) to the map data layers to identify possible call plotting issues
  • Consulting with the county contact to discuss any discrepancies among the data used for wireline 9-1-1 call plotting
  • Addressing consulting services to ensure assignment of new addresses and placement of new address points is consistent
  • Providing updated map data layers back to the county for incorporation into GeoLynx Desktop software

“GeoComm’s GIS Specialists, contacts us every two weeks to verify that our GIS data is either correct or to catch an error. If there are corrections and updates, such as a MSAG change or roadway construction, GeoComm works with our staff to make the change, and our two administrative office answering positions, four PSAP answering positions, and one remote position are then updated. I’ve been the Director for over 10 years and have found the GeoLynx platform to be a good stable platform, and interaction with the GeoComm team is always positive.”

– Aaron Bishop, Administrator, Macoupin County 9-1-1