GeoComm GIS Data Hub


GeoComm GIS Data Hub is a cloud-based solution and is the central element of GeoComm’s complete integrated 9-1-1 GIS data workflow process toolset.  The software empowers users to quickly validate their GIS data against industry standards and generates actionable reporting.  In addition, it manages the GIS data lifecycle by completing multi GIS dataset aggregation. GeoComm GIS Data Hub also prepares map packages for provisioning to 9-1-1 applications such as 9-1-1 call mapping and CAD mapping systems or provisions data as a NENA compliant Spatial Interface, GeoComm SI, for NENA i3 Emergency Call Routing Function and Location Validation Function.

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To take your GIS data to the next level and make it more powerful than ever before with GeoComm GIS Data Hub.

Over 1,000 Jurisdictions Making Their GIS Data More Powerful Than Ever Before

This spring the South Central Nebraska 9-1-1 Region joined a group of over 1,000 jurisdictions nationwide to take their GIS data to the next level by utilizing GeoComm GIS Data Hub to assess, improve, maintain, and share their GIS data.



Typically when regions or states are looking at implementing a Next Generation 9-1-1(NG9-1-1) program, the GIS data for the region or state needs to meet a certain level of quality, be consistent across all local GIS data providers, and aggregated into a region or state GIS data model.  GeoComm GIS Data Hub, is an intuitive solution designed to provide you the ability to validate and aggregate multiple GIS datasets, providing GIS data insights through rigorous quality control and reporting process.

GeoComm GIS Data Hub is the ideal solution for regional or statewide GIS users because it enables local GIS data maintainers with a way to submit their GIS data to you for centralized aggregation and Quality Control (QC) checks. GIS Data Hub transforms the data to a common schema, validates the data, aggregates it, and provides you with the aggregated GIS dataset in a format usable in your NG9-1-1 environment.


Your day-to-day work is all about updating and maintaining the quality of your agency’s GIS data.  Emphasis on accurate GIS data for 9-1-1 and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) mapping, and now for routing calls in a Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) system has increased the need for your GIS data to be highly accurate.  GeoComm understands the process you go through every day to keep your GIS data up-to-date.  Our experience managing the continuous GIS workflow for accepting edits, running quality control (QC) checks, and updating the master GIS dataset is now readily leverageable by you.

By submitting your GIS data to the GeoComm GIS Data Hub, you will quickly receive quality reports based on the quality control settings you establish. These reports provide you with valuable GIS data insights for continually improving the GIS data. This easy-to-use solution is a pathway to GIS data improvement, giving you actionable reporting.


Location is everything when locating and responding to a 9-1-1 or Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) call for service.  Ensuring the map data in the 9-1-1 map or CAD map is accurate and up-to-date is important.  Most 9-1-1 and CAD systems have varying GIS data requirements and it can be time-consuming to update or transform your GIS data to meet the requirements on an on-going basis.

GeoComm GIS Data Hub provides GIS data quality control (QC) checks to ensure the data meets the accuracy requirements needed to operate in the system.  And, further, it provides the map data in the format needed as an output file that can be readily staged and loaded into your 9-1-1 map or CAD map.

GeoComm GIS Data Hub Insights Help 9-1-1 Authorities Achieve Public Safety Grade GIS

Providing GIS data insights, GeoComm GIS Data Hub is a pathway to GIS data improvements needed for reliable public safety grade GIS data and is the central element of GeoComm’s complete integrated 9-1-1 GIS data workflow process toolset

  • Provides Quality Reporting and a Dashboard

    Validation reports can be downloaded in Excel, PDF, or .CSV file formats.  Discrepancy reports are provided in both .CSV and file geodatabase (FGDB) format for spatial error reporting.  In addition, an interactive and customizable dashboard can be used as an information management tool to track key performance indicators, performance metrics, or other key information about your GIS data.

  • Creates Notifications

    GeoComm GIS Data Hub provides activity notifications about your GIS data, which can be sent to local 9-1-1 jurisdictions, the State/Region, or any other designated entity.  The notifications are sent as an e-mail with a detailed description of the events and the reason for the notification.  Notifications include: data submissions, fatal errors in the data submission, validation checks completed, and validation report availability.

  • Completes NENA Default Validation Checks

    GeoComm GIS Data Hub is equipped with default validation checks which were designed to support the NENA recommendations for GIS data validation and maintenance.  The checks are highly configurable, including: the ability to select/deselect individual quality control (QC) checks, customizing data validation tolerances and thresholds, and customizing the data layers that each check references.  Validation checks are limited only by the data available.  Further, through active involvement in NENA GIS standards development and continual monitoring of required and recommended QC.