GeoComm Indoor Mapping Service

Empower yourself with a visual representation of indoor spaces for key buildings in your response areas.
In order to improve situational awareness and reduce response times, Emergency Communication Centers and emergency responders need more detailed maps and information about the facilities to which they are responding. An address point on a map with no additional structure information provides little location context to call takers, dispatchers, and first responders. Indoor maps are the next level of precise location information.
GeoComm provides an Indoor Mapping Service offering aimed at supporting law enforcement, fire, and medical responders by providing visual representation of indoor spaces for key buildings in their response areas.
These maps can be built today and will be accessible in GeoLynx Server and GeoComm Dispatch Map.
The following items are included in our Indoor Mapping Service offering:

Building Footprints

Interior Space Polygons

Point features smaller features such as restrooms, stairs, elevators, exterior entrances

Points of interest for items such as AEDs, fire extinguishers, and cameras

Labels for various features in indoor maps