The recently released NENA Standard for NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model  (NENA-STA-006.1-2018) should be used to manage your local GIS data for public safety use.  Now is the time to learn how the new standard can provide guidance for your 9-1-1 GIS data management efforts.    

During this webinar you will: 

  • Gain an understanding of the document components and why the standard is necessary 
  • Take a detailed look at the attribute and spatial elements of the required GIS data layers defined in the standard  
  • Discuss how to use the standard to guide your GIS data management efforts in preparation and implementation of NG9-1-1  

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Mon, Sep 17, 2018 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM CDT
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Deb Rozeboom, ENP, PMP, GISP:

Deb Rozeboom is the general manager of GeoComm’s West Coast Office in Oregon.  Deb is a public safety GIS professional with over 14 years’ experience leading numerous GIS, 9-1-1, and NG9-1-1 projects.  She is a certified Emergency Number Professional, Project Management Professional, and GIS Professional.  Deb also is actively involved in NENA serving on work groups such as the GIS Data Model for NG9-1-1, GIS Data Stewardship for NG9-1-1, and CLDXF.

Kathy Liljequist: 

Kathy Liljequist is a GIS consultant with GeoComm and has led 100s of projects specific to public safety, GIS, and NG9-1-1.  Kathy has been involved in many NENA committees including the Data Management Committee Co-Chair, Chair of Data Management Working Group; and a member of the NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model, the Site Structure Address Point and the ECRF/LVF Working Groups.  In addition, Kathy has presented at conferences and other industry events across the country on issues related to GIS requirements for NG9-1-1.