GeoComm GIS Data Hub

Providing Insights To Help 9-1-1 Authorities Achieve Public Safety Grade GIS

GeoComm GIS Data Hub is a GIS data management solution providing GIS data insights to help 9-1-1 authorities achieve public safety grade GIS data.  This software validates and reports on GIS data quality for 9-1-1, Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) mapping.  In addition, GeoComm GIS Data Hub:

Provides GIS data insights through rigorous quality control and reporting processes

Transforms disparate GIS datasets into a common schema

Aggregates GIS datasets into a seamless coverage area

Provides map data packages formatted to meet 9-1-1 mapping, CAD, or NG9-1-1 system requirements

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To take your GIS data to the next level and make it more powerful than ever before with GeoComm GIS Data Hub.

GeoComm GIS Data Hub Features Include:

Allows Data Originators to Work in their Native Data Schemas: Data originators can submit their data in the schema they maintain the data in, not requiring them to reformat their data prior to validation or provisioning to GeoComm GIS Data Hub.

Ease of GIS Data Submission: GIS data is submitted by zipping, dragging, and dropping data submissions into GIS Data Hub through a simplified, web-based interface.

Validation Upon GIS Data Submission:  GIS data is validated during the extract, transform, load (ETL) process to ensure the GIS data meets certain requirements prior to full data validation processing.


Completes NENA Default Validation Checks: GeoComm GIS Data Hub is equipped with default validation checks which were designed to support the NENA recommendations for GIS data validation and maintenance.  The checks are highly configurable, including: the ability to select/deselect individual quality control (QC) checks, customizing data validation tolerances and thresholds, and customizing the data layers that each check references.  Validation checks are limited only by the data available.  Further, through active involvement in NENA GIS standards development and continual monitoring of required and recommended QC.

Provides Quality Reporting and a Dashboard: Validation reports can be downloaded in Excel, PDF, or .CSV file formats.  Discrepancy reports are provided in both .CSV and file geodatabase (FGDB) format for spatial error reporting.  In addition, an interactive and customizable dashboard can be used as an information management tool to track key performance indicators, performance metrics, or other key information about your GIS data.

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