GeoComm Strategically Repositioning Software Development Team to Focus on Customer Commitment

Following the appointment of David Lloyd as Vice President of Software Development, GeoComm is strategically repositioning the team around processes and technology to deliver quality solutions exceeding customer expectations.

Lloyd is actively implementing software development best practices and quality measures for delivering high quality software solutions that will also include simplified methods for integrating with partner systems.

“GeoComm’s focus is on quality,” said John Bryant, GeoComm President/CEO. “David’s deep and proven experience delivering on customer commitments has already proved to be invaluable since he joined the organization in February. Now, he’s taking the team to the next level of performance effectiveness.”

“GeoComm is fully embracing the Agile development process, moving towards a mature Agile process in a highly team-focused work environment. This will enhance communication and accountability among team members and within the organization,” Lloyd stated. “Ultimately, this communication and accountability will be transparent to our customers and we will deliver high quality solutions with shorter turnaround times.”