Gem County, Idaho Partners with GeoComm for 9-1-1 Address Point Field Verification Project

GeoComm is pleased to announce Gem County, Idaho selected GeoComm to provide 9-1-1 map data development services. This project includes countywide address point field verification, updating several of Gem County’s GIS data layers, and installing public safety mapping capabilities in the 9-1-1 call center and emergency response vehicles.

Gem-County-IdahoGeoComm began the field verification portion of the project in February 2014 when GIS Specialists drove all of the public roads in Gem County to verify the road names and addresses. Following the February field verification, GeoComm utilized the gathered data to update geographically correct map data layers for use in the 9-1-1 dispatch center and for emergency response. Upon completion of the GIS map data layers, GeoLynx Desktop and GeoLynx Mobile will be installed in July 2014. GeoLynx Desktop, an emergency dispatch GIS public safety software will be implemented in the county’s 9-1-1 dispatch center and GeoLynx Mobile MDC Edition, an in-vehicle mapping and navigation system, will be installed in the emergency response vehicles.

“GeoComm is excited to work with Gem County on this important 9-1-1 map data development project. We are dedicated to helping public safety agencies across the country improve emergency response by providing standards based NG9-1-1 mapping systems, GIS map data development and related services,” said Todd Pieper Assistant Vice President of Client Services. “As a result of this project, Gem County will have a complete public safety GIS dataset that meets the stringent accuracy requirements for their mission critical emergency response operations and will seamlessly integrate into Gem County’s existing and future public safety mapping systems.”