GeoComm Committed to Customers and Generating Long Term Partnerships

September 13, 2016

St. Cloud, MN:  At GeoComm we use many customer focused initiatives to listen and ensure a positive customer experience.  It is easy for companies to say they have high customer satisfaction or improved customer service but those that are serious about delivering excellent customer service go a step further and measure it.

GeoComm’s primary way of measuring our customer’s satisfaction is through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) program.  The NPS system is the practice of surveying our customers after we complete a project or interaction with them on a service call; gathering their comments, acting on their suggestions, and measuring how we are meeting their expectations.

In the competitive public safety marketplace long term partnerships is crucial and we use our NPS responses to improve our customer service.  The feedback we receive in NPS helps us to constantly improve our products and services ultimately making them better, resulting in real change that benefits all of our customers.  Our goal is to hear from all of our customers; even if it’s about something that did not go well, giving us a better picture of our customer’s experience, which helps us determine where we should focus our improvement efforts.

“GeoComm is an exceptional company to work with.  Not only do they know their technical business inside and out, but they value their customers, regularly seeking feedback and input from them.  GeoComm’s follow up system and customer attention confirms for me why GeoComm is so good at what they do.”  Shawnie Rechtenbaugh, Deputy Secretary and State 9-1-1 Coordinator with the South Dakota Department of Public Safety.

Thank you to all of our customers who have already shared your customer experience with us.  To the GeoComm customers who haven’t shared your customer experience but would like to, please contact us at

About GeoComm: GeoComm, Inc. was founded in 1995 to provide county governments with turnkey emergency 9-1-1 development services. Over the subsequent 20 years, the company has grown to serve more than 12,000 dispatchers in 800 emergency 9-1-1 call centers in the United States, helping to keep more than 84 million people safe. Today, GeoComm has a national reputation as a leading provider of geographic information and communication systems for 9-1-1. The company’s systems route emergency calls to the appropriate call center, map the caller’s location on call taker or dispatcher maps, and guide emergency responders to the scene of the incident on mobile displays within police, fire and ambulance vehicles. To learn more about GeoComm, please visit