Case Study Video: Innovate GeoComm Software Provides Smarter Security Through Three-Dimensional Indoor Maps and Sensor Feeds

In January 2018, an estimated one million people visited Minnesota for Super Bowl LII and the ten days of festivities leading up to it.  As it was a highly publicized, high-pressure event held in a confined public space, heightened levels of security were required.  The Minneapolis Police Department led the way in organizing the massive security effort, and in total over 80 different public safety agencies and hundreds of law enforcement officers from various jurisdictions participated.

To assist the Minneapolis Police Department in their efforts, GeoComm provided an innovative new smart city mapping system.  The new system, called GeoComm Smart City Map was first utilized by the City of Minneapolis during major planned public events beginning in mid-2017.  Across multiple events, the system helped streamline incident response coordination within the Minneapolis Police Department’s Multi-Agency Command Center (MACC) by connecting people and devices into a system for real-time analysis, visualization, and communication.

GeoComm is pleased to share a case study video highlighting how GeoComm Smart City Map system focused real-time information and sensor feeds into a single Common Operating Picture (COP) built around 3D and indoor maps for the Minneapolis Police Department.  For the first time ever, public safety users could virtually see into buildings, and through its use during these events the Minneapolis Police Department and other agencies achieved a new level of situational awareness, making emergency response more targeted and efficient.