Assessing Mission Critical 9-1-1 Data

In an NG9-1-1 system, GIS data development, accuracy, and maintenance are vital, and GeoComm approaches NG9-1-1 readiness in three steps: Assess, Improve, and Maintain.   GeoComm is pleased to announce the release of an eBook focusing on assessing GIS data for an NG9-1-1 system.  This eBook, titled Key Steps for Assessing Mission Critical Data for 9-1-1, focuses on the Assess step.

GeoComm approaches GIS data assessment by first identifying the current state your GIS Data. NG9-1-1 GIS assessment can be completed by:  ebook

  • Educating Stakeholders
  • Developing Standards
  • Reviewing and analyzing GIS Data

In addition to outlining the tasks for each of these three steps, this eBook includes an example of how the State of Iowa approached their NG9-1-1 GIS data assessment.

Today is the day to begin preparing GIS data for its key role in a successful NG9-1-1 system. Whether you are tackling your GIS data assessment yourself, working with outside jurisdictions, or partner with a vendor; this eBook provides a valuable guide to accomplish your GIS data assessment.