GeoLynx DMS

Online Product Demonstration

GeoLynx DMS is a powerful, public safety GIS data management tool available in three modules:

  • GIS Data Manager
  • MSAG Manager
  • Mobile GIS Data Manager


GIS Data Manager is a GeoComm tool bar in Esri’s ArcMap that exposes automated and semi-automated features and functions specific to 9-1-1 GIS data management, including: multiple methods of address assignment options, address range creation, wireless cell sector maintenance, atlas generation, Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) geofile management. In addition, GeoLynx DMS GIS Data Manager streamlines intense, public safety specific Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC) processes developed based on GeoComm’s long history of maintaining GIS for public safety.


MSAG Manager GIS to 9-1-1 MSAG extraction and synchronization

Mobile GIS Data Manager is for in-the-field mobile mapping and GPS data collection for 9-1-1 addressing


  • Decreases the time and effort required to build and maintain public safety GIS and 9-1-1 databases
  • Quickly assigns addresses to a group of points at one time
  • Increases data quality and accuracy by providing several automated QA/QC procedures
  • Provides discrepancy management and atlas building
  • Enables simple building of CAD geofiles and MSAGs